In addition to standard timing services Vector Timing can offer your athletes and participants ways to engage with your event through online, mobile and social race experiences.

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Timing & Finish Line Services

Registration & data management

Live race services

Event Management


Timing & Finish Line Services:

ChronoTrack tag timing simplifies the timing process for everyone involved. The single-use tag eliminates needs for tag collection, staff and organization to collect tags as well as athletes getting charged for lost tags. We offer D-Tag for the shoe or B-Tag for bibs, both of which are light and the least intrusive as possible.


Highlighted Features of Our Timing and Event Services

  • Fast awards processing and real-time results as runners cross finish line

  • Event logistics management and course mapping

  • Disposable bib tag or shoe tag RFID timing from ChronoTrack

  • Scaffolding and fencing

  • Finish Line Towers

  • LED Race Clocks

  • Instructions On Wearing Chronotrack Tags

  • Attaching B-Tag to the front of your race jersey (example)

  • Attaching D-Tag to your shoe (example)

  • Attaching Tri-Tag to your shoe (example)

  • Registration and On-Site Registration Management

    We can consolidate registration, on-site registration and race check in with our race scoring using ChronoTrack Live - this eliminates any manual data entry or transfers and eliminates potential data errors. It also allows you to keep registration open to the start of the race and benefit from last minute registrations the week prior to your event.
    With on-site paperless registration you improve the athlete experience, enable credit card payments, and free up staff from data entry and allow them to focus on serving athletes.


    ChronoTrack registration solutions offer:

  • Customized branding across registration, emails, social sharing post, on-site forms and more

  • Complete tools to manage prices phases, inventory, coupons, reporting and more

  • Social promotion tools and advertising programs to help drive registration.

  • On-site paperless registration and race check in solutions

  • Email tools to communicate with athletes

  • Flexible reporting

  • Live Race Services

    ChronoTrack Live services include real-time online and mobile results, Facebook and Twitter athlete updates, video finishes, digital photography and more. These online, mobile and social race offerings deliver athletes the experience they want while increasing the exposure of your event.

    To learn more:

  • Watch this 2 minute video

  • Download this document to learn how this online, mobile and social engagement increases event exposure for you

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    Event Management:

    On a case by case basis we conduct comprehensive event management for your event and use the same blueprint for success that we apply to events up to 30,000 athletes. These services include course planning, management and security. We make sure you achieve a profitable event with budgeting and marketing planning.